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Let's Kiikii!

To "kiki" or a "kiki" refers to the gathering of friends, usually for the purpose of chit-chat, gossip, and story sharing. Its origins are historically connected with the Black LGBTQ+ community. 

Kiiya Shibata, M.S. CCC-SLP

Communication Coach (she/her) 
Providing specialty services virtually, across the United States


Primary Progressive Aphasia 

Get personalized education and coaching on strategies to optimize communication with PPA.


Speech Coaching & Speech therapy

Voice and speech training for professional voice users, those with vocal injuries, and individuals seeking gender-affirming care.


Neurogenic Communication Difficulties Coaching

Education and coaching on strategies for language, memory, and cognitive after brain injury, concussion, stroke, long COVID, prolonged illness, diagnosis of dementia, and more. 

Therapy Sessions
Quick Bio

Kiiya Shibata is a licensed speech-language pathologist with extensive experience in neurological and vocal communication disorders and differences. She offers formal speech therapy, as well as coaching for communication and brain health. Her passions include working with individuals with progressive neurological disorders, brain-based communication difficulties, and those struggling to find a voice that aligns with their identity.

Education and Licensure 

San Francisco State University 


BA in Communicative Disorders


MS Communicative Disorders

CA Clinical License


National Certification (ASHA)


Vanderbilt University


PhD in Hearing and Speech Sciences



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